In addition to the latest news and events we also offer produce a series of in-depth resources aimed at helping you to develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. Scroll down to browse some of our additional resources including podcasts and videos.
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    Podcast: Second Hand Software Licensing

    In this Podcast Martin Thompson of The ITAM Review is joined by two ITAM professionals who share their knowledge and experience with regards to Second Hand Software. They are. Christiaan Murphy – Software Category Manager, CGI Tomas O’Leary – ...
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    Podcast Episode 14: Office365, Unbundling Microsoft, Monetizing Mobility

    In this podcast I was joined by some great experts who share their opinions on Microsoft. Tim Hegedus, Miro Consulting Mike Austin, Method 180 Sumin Chen, Belarc Peter Beruk, 1E Kevin Suckow, SoftwareOne Mandi Sue Bleau, ...
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    Podcast: Managing Microsoft in the Datacentre

    This is the second in the series of podcasts on Microsoft Licensing. In this Podcast we are joined by 3 professionals who will be sharing their knowledge and experience with regards to tackling Microsoft Licensing in the Datacentre. Leigh ...
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    Podcast: World class ITAM at The Hershey Company

    I was invited to present at SHI’s SAM event in New Jersey back in April. During one of the interactive workshops I was fortunate to meet Rick Lacey, Global IT Asset Manager at the Hershey Company. ...
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    Podcast Episode 11 - Introduction to Microsoft Virtualisation

    In this podcast I was joined by Mathias Knops of Aspera and Robert Paton and Mark Hobson from Concorde to discuss Microsoft Virtualisation.  Topics covered in this podcast. How Microsoft software can be virtualised / types of virtual environments What ...
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    Podcast Episode 10: Doing SAM on the cheap

    In this Episode David and I are joined by Rory Canavan of SAM Charter and Paul Immergluck of Anglepoint.  We discuss ‘Doing SAM on the cheap’ and managing software as an asset when you have no budget. The ...
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    Podcast Episode 9 - A view from IT Procurement

    In this episode I speak with Christiaan Murphy of on a view from IT Procurement. Topics covered in this podcast. IT Procurement Cycles How IT Procurement interacts with ITAM The four key stakeholders in ...
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    Podcast Episode 8: The Oracle Negotiation Grey Zone

    Ahead of our Oracle Seminar in New York later this month Martin Thompson talks with guests about the grey zone of Oracle negotiation, cloud options with Oracle and copyright principles and standing up against unreasonable claims View ...
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    Podcast Episode 7 - SAM Tool Implementation Success

    Ahead of our ITAM Tools Day event in New York later this month Martin Thompson and David Foxen talk with guests about building the business case for SAM tools, implementation resources required, techniques and gotchas for ...
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    Podcast Episode 6: SAM at AstraZeneca - Winning friends and influencing people

    In this episode hosts Martin Thompson and David Foxen talk about where ITAM should sit within a business and what key stakeholders are required to make ITAM successful with real-life examples and advice from guests who are currently actively doing ...

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