In addition to the latest news and events we also offer produce a series of in-depth resources aimed at helping you to develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. Scroll down to browse some of our additional resources including podcasts and videos.
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    Podcast Episode 5: Trends in Oracle License Management

    In the run up to our Oracle Seminar on the 21st November, we discuss the current activity around Oracle Licensing and audits, trends in services around Oracle and the future of Oracle in the cloud. View ...
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    Podcast: Getting started with IBM Licensing

    The ITAM Review Podcast Episode 4. Getting started with IBM Licensing In this podcast guests Eric Chiu and Koen Dingjan provide an introduction to the main risks and complexities of IBM licensing and audits. View all ...
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    Podcast: Vinci Construction and Life without SAM tools

    The ITAM Review Podcast Episode 3 Hosted by Martin Thompson Guests. Mark Sales, Software Asset Manager at Vinci Construction Rory Canavan, Independent Consultant, SAM Charter In this podcast I interviewed Mark Sales, Software Asset Manager at ...
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    Podcast: Microsoft EA is no longer a defence against audits

    The ITAM Review Podcast Episode 2 Hosted by Martin Thompson and David Foxen of The ITAM Review.  Guests.  Piaras MacDonnell of SureDatum Paul DeGroot of Pica Communications In this podcast we explore Microsoft licensing, audit behaviour ...
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    Podcast: Oracle License Management

    This is our first foray into Podcasting, so forgive me if it’s a bit rough around the edges. In this session we delve into Oracle, Oracle Licensing and Oracle License Management. Thanks very much to our ...

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