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Long-form content from ITAM leaders and practitioners that delves into the details of an issue. Perfect for the hands-on ITAM professional.
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    What skills will ITAM managers need in 2025?

    As new technologies are introduced and businesses continue to work in new ways, new skills will be required to ensure ITAM continues to be, or perhaps becomes, a strategic part of your business. Ahead of our ...
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    A guide to licensing Oracle in the cloud

    As public cloud (like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) continues to grow and more projects are shifted to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, it is increasingly likely that you will find on-premises licenses being migrated – and so a guide ...
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    CAPEX v OPEX: A tale of two budgets

    Cloud is great and solves a lot of problems – but it can also cause some new ones too. Back in my days as a reseller, whenever I spoke about cloud, I’d often find myself in ...
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    Five Steps to Preserving Cashflow with effective SaaS Management

    This article, a collaboration between AJ Witt, SaaS Management Analyst, The ITAM Review &  Dusan Omercevic, Founder of Cleanshelf, provides practical advice on how managing SaaS expenditure can protect your organisation’s cashflow in a crisis such ...
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    SaaS Management Tools Market Report

    The ITAM Review are delighted to publish the first comprehensive research into the emerging SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Management market. Enterprise SaaS Management tools and services enable companies to ensure SaaS is managed across a range of use ...
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    Getting a head start with Internet of Things

    There are many new areas of technology being talked about these days and, as an ITAM manager, it isn’t always easy to fully understand what they are and how they will impact the world of IT ...
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    How to build a SAAS Management Operations Program

    The process of deploying, provisioning, and supporting applications has been fundamentally changed by the growth in SaaS usage. More applications, more change, more diversity. This whitepaper, written in conjunction with Trelica, explores the challenges in managing SaaS operationally ...
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    Salary Survey

    The ITAM Review’s Salary Survey has delivered its 4th set of results, having first been run in 2014. In addition to providing salary benchmark data, the ITAM Review Salary Survey paints a broader picture of the ...
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    Whitepaper: Six stages to building a valuable SAM practice

    I recently co-authored a whitepaper with Jim Barrett from Dimension Data entitled “Six stages to building a valuable SAM practice”. You can find a direct link to the whitepaper here (no registration required). Executive Summary This ...

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