Crowdsourced Favourites, Top 20 most read from 2016

17 January 2017
3 minute read
ITAM News & Analysis

Crowdsourced Favourites, Top 20 most read from 2016

17 January 2017
3 minute read
2016 top 20 most read

2016 top 20 most read

We published 112 articles in 2016, which ones got read the most by ITAM Review readers?

Top 20 most popular published in 2016

  1. Mars Inc. sue Oracle over audit tactics
  2. Enterprise SAM tool market share analysis
  3. Enterprise SAM tool customer satisfaction scores
  4. Audit Defence Checklist – Nice to have, negotiable or non-negotiable terms
  5. ServiceNow enters SAM market by the backdoor, upsets partners
  6. Introducing the 12 box training course
  7. Beginner’s guide to IBM software audits
  8. Infographic: ITAM Process Steps, from inventory to SAM
  9. ITAM Process Maturity Self Assessment Guide
  10. Call for participants: Enterprise SAM Tools Review
  11. Building the business case for ITAM
  12. SAM Tools Universe report published
  13. Beware secondary software FUD
  14. Automating asset request: Cheat sheet
  15. Quick guide to ITAM tools strategy
  16. Quick guide to building a three year roadmap
  17. Nominees announced for ITAM Excellence Awards
  18. Publisher tool certifications and SAM tool selection
  19. The importance of IT Asset Lifecycle Management
  20. Basic ITAM metrics and red flags for auditors

NB: The top performing article published in 2016 was 32nd overall, i.e. The back catalogue sticks around and gets a lot of eyeballs.

Most popular categories

  1. Software Asset Management
  2. IT Asset Management
  3. Software Licensing
  4. Vendor Directory
  5. ITAM Review Training
  6. SAM Tools Universe

Most Popular Overall (Published since 2008)

  1. Oracle Licensing Quick Guide (2014) > 25,000 visits in 2016
  2. Quick guide to Asset Tagging (2014)
  3. SAP Licensing Guide (2015)
  4. Windows 10 Licensing: What you need to know (2015)
  5. Alternatives to Oracle Database (2015)

Golden oldies – Highest performing per year from the archive

2017 Plans – Subject Wishlist?

Our wish list of topics for 2017 is published here: 2017 call for speakers (See the ITAM in the cloud era section)

How do we determine what goes on the wish list?

You tell us.

The wish list was devised from the reader survey conducted in October 2016 whereby we asked:

  • What do you need help with?” and
  • What do you want to see from The ITAM Review in 2017?

Have we missed a topic? Please let me know in the comments or get in touch.

Cheers, Martin


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